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5% off your holiday

Beachside Owners Club

Family Holiday Home ownership at Beachside in Brean Sands, SomersetOwning a Caravan at Beachside Holiday Park

Some of our regular guests enjoy Beachside so much, they have purchased their own Holiday Home.
The long season (eleven months), including Christmas, ensures that owners get the full benefit either for themselves, or their family.
If you would like to view the units or for more information please contact our reception to arrange a viewing appointment.

Please call 01278 751346 or email reception at reception@beachsideholidaypark.co.uk



Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

The pitch fee for the 2018 season for a Caravan Holiday Home will be from £3600.00
There will be an extra charge for caravans which are 12 feet wide and are in excess of 28 feet in length.
These charges include VAT and are for Rent, Rates, Water, Sewerage and refuse disposal. The pitch fees are subject to an annual increase.
Electricity and Gas are both metered and will be invoiced in September/October each year.

What does the purchase price include?

As well as the caravan, the purchase price includes, transport, siting and full connection, gas safety inspection, fitted steps, TV aerial and refrigerator.

What happens if anything breaks or is damaged?

New Caravan Holiday Homes come with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.
Our on site maintenance team can offer a complete repair and maintenance service,  including registered gas fitters, electricians and plumbers.

Can I move permanently into my holiday home?

No. You must have a main residence and when you first buy your holiday home provide evidence of the address (e.g a utility or council tax bill for the property). A holiday home is for holiday and recreational purposes only. Living permanently in your holiday home would be in breach of the licence agreement you sign when you purchased it. It could have serious legal consequences for you and the park operator. Also you risk having your agreement terminated and being asked to leave the park and to remove your holiday home from the park premises.

Can I let my caravan holiday home?

As of 22nd October 2017 commercial letting is not permitted. 

What security do I have?

We are members of the British Holiday and Home Parks Association.
Our formal written contract with you gives security of tenure for 15 years on new holiday homes and pro rata for previously owned homes.

What about Insurance?

Your holiday home is your retreat and you want to protect it especially when you’re not there. Our insurance scheme is set up between insurance professionals at Compass Insurance and Beachside Holiday Park and it’s designed to do just that. Please let us know if you would like a quotation.

When can I use my Caravan?

Beachside Holiday Park has an eleven month license, the park is open from mid  February until mid January.

Are dogs allowed on the Park?

Dogs welcome - Please Read Dog PolicyDogs are welcome. We do ask that whilst out and about on the Park, they are kept on a lead at all times and any fouling is cleared away immediately. Once on the beach they may exercise freely. Pets may not be left in your caravan unattended.

Please read our dog policy Read our dog policy



How long can my caravan stay on site?

In line with current quality guidelines caravans can stay on site for 15 years from new. In the case of a previously owned caravan this is worked out pro rata, e.g. A 2004 caravan purchased in 2008 would have an 8 year site life.

What happens when my Holiday Home reaches the end of the license period?

You have several options during or at the end of the license period.
At any time during the term you may wish to upgrade your holiday home for a newer or larger model. We will take your current holiday home in part exchange against your new purchase.

At the end of your license agreement if you do not wish to replace your holiday home we will take the caravan from you, at no cost to you,or you can arrange to have it taken off site. Please ask for details of desiting charges.